Yellow Dagmar Hastrup AKA Topaz Jewel

 AKA Topaz Jewel
Yellow Dagmar Hastrup Rose

Have just watered one of my newish roses, the rugosa 'Yellow Dagmar Hastrup'. But she is puzzling me. The original Frau Dagmar Hastrup (which grows by the glasshouse) is a single pale pink rugosa with large blooms. This yellow rose sounds like a relation, but is quite different. Something's funny!

After extensive research...

After extensive research (in other words, a quick scroll of the first Google search page, oops) I can present the following details for the original pale pink rose. Frau Dagmar Hartopp is her German spelling, Fru Dagmar Hastrup her Danish. Mr Hastrup in Denmark named her (discovered her?) in 1914. Now 'Yellow Dagmar Hastrup' is a warm buttery yellow, fading to cream. She's a semi-double, and her petals are smaller than her pink 'sister'. These roses might share a name, but they are nothing like each other. How odd.

AKA Topaz Jewel

But wait! Oh my goodness. Yellow Dagmar Hastrup is also known as Topaz Jewel and was introduced by Ralph Moore (USA) in 1987. Her parents? Angel (miniature, Moore, 1975) × Belle Poitevine (a rugosa bred in 1894 by François-Georges-Léon Bruant in France.).

Logically she might have been better to be called Yellow Belle Poitevine. I'm left wondering how (and why) a rose breeder chooses a name.