Non-Gardening Cat

 She just won
C'Mon Tiger!

Tiger the cat does not do gardening. But just occasionally she'll venture out into the Septic Tank Garden to provide some lightweight cat-company.

Did I say lightweight? Bad choice of words - Tiger the cat is a super-sized fat-cat. Osebe, even. Naturally I blame the parents!

Cat Life-Skills

She has a simple set of cat life-skills. Either one sits on something tall (like the fence post in this photograph), where one can keep an eye out for potential victims - or one hides low underneath something and waits for an unsuspecting victim to wander peacefully past. Ha! Pounce!

You may have guessed that Tiger is a bit of a bully. Hmm... Again I blame the parents! Maybe if she got out into the garden more she'd have better things to think about. And she might burn up more cat-calories, and trim down to a healthy weight...

Unconditional Love

But I still love you, Tiger! Unconditionally, I guess...