Septic Tank Garden Images

The Septic Tank Garden occupies quite a small area. One side looks over the Pond Paddock, while the other faces the house - the fence in between them is gradually coming to pieces. Here are my most recent images of its plants and flowers. Sadly there are not very many roses in this garden.

It's a spring-shrubby garden, and for the rest of the year is full of shady greenery. Things here don't change very much, though every couple of years I vow to remove all the invasive yellow flowering Lamium. This daunting ground-cover is just about due for another attempt at eradication. I didn't originally plant it - honestly I didn't!

There's more shade each year, and so the original shrubs are a bit overgrown, as they reach somewhat desperately for the sky and the sunlight. But they're so lovely in their flowering seasons - Daphne and Philadelphus are two fragrant favourites.