Weeping Maidens?

One day in 2021 there were almost two Weeping Maidens in the Septic Tank Garden. One was a very early flowering camellia, oh so pretty. The other was me, not so pretty, taking photographs of it... I thought I was standing on some old shrub prunings. The ground beneath my feet, covered in Lamium, certainly felt a bit lumpy. Anyway, one minute I was there with my camera, then the next minute - whoosh! Kapow! Down I plunged, over a meter, into the bowels of the earth. An apt phrase, since I'd fallen through the wooden cover above the Septic Tank. Oh dear.

 A very early bloomer.
Weeping Maiden Camellia

I hurt my knee, but worse - I was stuck, one leg underground, the other back on the surface. And the Weeping Maiden came down with me - she was leaning over horribly, almost completely uprooted. Poor darling! And poor me! But the Weeping Maiden Camellia is back upright with stones around her base. The rotting wooden cover to the Septic Tank has been replaced. And as for me? That jolly knee has taken weeks to stop niggling. But all is well now. It makes for rather a jaunty story, don't you think? 'What have you done to your knee?' 'Oh, I fell into the Septic Tank...'