Lily of the Valley

 One of the beautiful small things in my garden.
Lily of the Valley

I forget who gave me my first Lily of the Valley plant. I knew about its perfume, but not its tendency to spread - and spread - and then spread some more. Oops!

Still, the little white tubular flowers are so beautiful, and of course the fragrance is the very best. I try and keep it away from my hostas, and I let the lawn mower deal with any that creeps into the grass. My Lily of the Valley 'patch' is by the gate which leads into the Pond Paddock, so I can appreciate its perfume as I walk past.

One of my friends describes it as 'rowdy'. But it's so little, and so delicate! This is a classic case of a plant which doesn't behave according to its looks - it's a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

So when friends offer me other varieties I'm not so tempted. Pink? Hmm... That would be nice, and I love pink, but... I think that one patch of Convallaria is quite enough for now.

 A beautiful close-up.
Lily of the Valley - Convallaria majalis