Pond Garden Dappled Sun

Standing by the pond the views over the water are always magical. Here are some photographs of the pond, taken from the Pump House side, looking towards the decking and the house. First, a beautifully framed pond view, with Stephen''s irrigation pipe hidden in the lower left corner.

 Near the Pump House.
the pond through the trees - 1998

The water comes from the Waimakariri river via a water race (an irrigation canal) and a gravity fed pipe. This river is fed by snowmelt in the Southern Alps, so the pond water is always cold.

 Now the decking has some garden furniture!
The Pond Through the Trees - 2011

This is the view from the Pump House as you look through the trees across the Pond Paddock and back to the house gardens. The picture below was taken in the summer of 2004, looking back towards the house. Here the decking is clearly visible - a wonderful place for lounging around or sunbathing - sensibly, of course.

 Pretty plantings!
The Pond Through the Trees - 2004

The water in the pond looks quite cloudy - this will be the silt which flows in when there is rain in the mountains. It also looks quite cold - believe me, it is!