Gnomes Fishing Club

There are fish in the Moosey pond, and you might spy some little chaps with red hats on the water's edge doing a spot of fishing. In the early days, fishing etiquette was observed, and no gnome set himself up too close to another.

 Fishing and watching...
Bach and Rupert Gnomes

The very first fishing gnome was a large chap with yellow trousers called Rupert. He lay on his tummy and fished solo for a number of years. More gnomes arrived, and then one day all the fishermen decided to band together and form a Fishing Club. Great idea, chaps!

 In autumn.
Fishing Gnome

Some lay down in the watery mud, while others perched on their toadstools or rocks. The lack of actual fishing rods didn't stop anyone joining. Near the water lilies was THE perfect place to think deeply about the meaning of gnome life, while enjoying the gentlest of outdoor hobbies.

 By the water lilies.
Gnomes Fishing

There's only one natural hazard. Dogs use the pond for swimming and chasing ducks. I'm worried that one of the dogs might charge through the greenery and knock a gnome into the water. So each time I walk past the fishermen I count the red hats. Oops. A wee while ago there were two missing. Managed to rake them out of the murky depths without too much drama.