People in the Pond

The pond isn't only for dogs to cool off in. People also go in there. In the height of summer they might swim around the edge, or lie relaxing on their back in the middle. The water is always on the edge of too cold, though...

A good reason for immersion...

Sometimes there's a good reason for pond immersion - like when one of my original and much cherished garden gnomes fell in. Non-Gardening Partner declined to help, so I had to rescue him from the muddy bottom with a pitchfork. The only way to do this was to get in.

 He was swept into the pond in the September earthquake...
Gnome Rescued From Pond

Then the water intake pipe needed a new screen attached, and the only way to do this was total immersion. Non-Gardening Partner drew the short straw in this case. He didn't enjoy the experience at all, since he had to dive under.

 Non-Gardening Partner about to dive under.
Man in Pond

Visiting small people wearing wetsuits are now big enough to launch themselves into the pond onto their floaty boards. Obviously fully supervised - the middle of the pond is over my head, and the water is always quite cold.


A new swimming trick - just this summer I managed to dog paddle around with my camera held up in one hand, to take water level pictures of the fishing gnomes. Enjoy!

 Just able to stand on the muddy bottom and take this photograph. Kept the camera dry. Phew!
Pond View - Gnomes and Dog