Pond Gunnera

The Pond Border opposite the cottage is dominated in summer by the large green leaves of the Gunnera. It's hard to believe that the pieces of this giant perennial started life all fitting into one normal sized bucket. I found them growing in the water race, and transplanted them.

 Wirh Gunnera and Ballerina roses.
Pond Cottage and Gunnera

After a few underwhelming summers, I've been busy moving new crowns closer to the water's edge, so the roots won't dry out. Gunnera may be dramatic tropical-looking plants, but they definitely need to grow in a temperate climate, and need to be by water.

Dangerous close-up!

This is a very dangerous place from which to take a photograph. The underside of Gunnera leaves are very scratchy. The thick stalks are all studded with sharp thorns.

Thorns on Gunnera Stem

These are serious perennials, and doing any garden maintenance near them is very, very risky. You've been warned!

 Ouch again!
Thorns on Gunnera Stem

Much Older Photographs...

The pictures below were taken a long, long time ago, when the garden was newly planted, before the surrounding trees grew fat and wide and pinched all the summer sunshine.

 Gunnera can get damaged by late frosts.
gunnera - summer 2003

There is no room now for the small red flax or the yellow flowering Coreopsis originally by the border's edge.

 An older picture.
Gunnera - Summer 1999