Wilderness Behind the Pond

In my early, super-energetic years I started clearing the area behind the pond, which I romantically called The Wilderness. My plan was to have a natural place, with just a few organised paths - just trees and shrubs, maybe some mass plantings of tough things. But it was to be clear of mess and controlled. Hmm... It's not hard to spot the anomaly here.

 Looking up from the pond.
The Wilderness

This was definitely a work in slow progress. First I had to rake out all the gum tree debris (fifteen years' worth) and see what trees and shrubs were growing in here. I found a Chestnut tree, an Oak tree, Olearias and Pittosporums, and lots of tiny gum tree seedlings and broom.

 Pretty patterns.
Autumn Chestnut Leaves

I spent ages...

Then I spent ages clearing everything up. I made paths, planted hybrid Phormiums and Agapanthus and some Photinia shrubs. I even shifted in a weeping Crabapple and a weeping Silver Pear. What was I thinking?

Yes, I had good intentions, but the continual mess (leaves and bark) from the overhead gum trees just proved too difficult to keep cleaned-up. The gum trees also sucked all the nutrients out of the ground. And there was no irrigation.

Eventually, after some years, I saw sense and dug out anything that was still surviving. The Agapanthus was happy - so it all stayed. I stopped pruning Acacia branches which were overhanging the path. I stopped raking up barrowfuls of gum tree bark. I gave up trying to control the 'Wilderness'. And now it's as messy as it wants to be, and I rarely venture in there. The rest of my garden is big enough for me!

 Standing in the ram paddock.
The Side of the Wilderness

Back in Garden Time...

Here's a record of my very first foray into the area at the back of the pond - a small path through the grass, cleared in the year 2000.

 my first attempt at a hidden path
wild and wandering path

'The area has suffered from neglect, so lately I have been seriously clearing the grass and gum tree rubbish out. This is a new garden area for me to develop.' - written in 2000. Ha! Better late than never...