Wattle Woods Camellias

All the Camellias in the Wattle Woods are planted in a gentle arc, starting from the back of the glass-house. They are all rejects, given a new lease of garden life at Mooseys. Can Camellias show gratitude? These shrubs seem to know how!

 I love them!
Pink, White, and Red Camellias

It took a few years to recover from the 'old' life - stuck underneath a large country Macrocarpa hedge with little moisture. In fact, for their first years the rescued Camellias didn't flower at all.

 One of the last to flower.
Wattle Woods Pink Camellia

But by the year 2005 they were a regular feature of my spring journal ramblings. The words 'most beautiful' seemed to get rather a lot of use!

 Dug out for free.
New Camellia

Pink, White, and Red

Flowering colours start and finish with pink (white and red are the middle). My plan was to redirect one of the Wattle Woods minor paths to follow their curve.

New Path

By spring of 2009 the new path was nicely in place, and made a whole lot more sense, following the curve of the shrubs. Soon a new recycled white Camellia, name unknown, was planted at the very bottom of the arc. This was free, as long as I was prepared to dig it out of its old garden. It's a delicate white with tinges of pink.

I've had to be careful with extra watering, as the shrub was moved in the middle of spring, and it was rather mature in size. So there's been quite a bit of sneaky watering going on. Still, all the Camellias benefit from this extra care. Now, if I remember to feed them as well...

In 2018 a friend wanted me to dig up her hedge of small leafed Camellias. I came home with six, and planted them alongside the curved path. Two things then happened : we had a very dry summer, and I decided to enlarge the front of the Wattle Woods Garden. Quick - before they notice! Shifted them out onto the edge, where the irrigation will reach. I'm glad I did that. First flowering last spring - very insignificant little white flowers, but hey! They're much happier.