Wattle Woods Images

The heart of the Wattle Woods lies in its trees, though, sadly, there are only five large Wattles left standing, while the tall Eucalyptus trees are growing even taller. Here are my most recent photographs of its interior.

You'll see lots of spiky plants underneath the gum trees - Cordylines and Phormiums, plus swathes of Agapanthus and Anemanthele grasses nearer the ground.

Not much irrigation...

This green, leafy, and usually messy area is one which the big whooshy irrigation doesn't ever reach, so I often have to help out, pointing my watering hoses underneath the Camellias.

There's yet more flower colour in spring, when the bluebells and Ajuga provide a blue carpet underneath the rhododendrons and the surrounding country-style bush roses.

And in early spring the Hellebores are so pretty - but oh so shy!