Wattle Woods Garden Bench

At the back end of the glass-house is a garden bench made from a railway sleeper and two columns of bricks. It faces the water race, and the garden behind is full of Camellias. This is a delightful place to sit in all seasons.

 Fluff-Fluff the cat often sits here checking out the birds.
The Wattle Woods Garden Bench

A mulched path leads past the Wattle Woods Garden Bench to link up with the main route through the garden. Hellebores and Lamium provide ground cover plantings, and directly behind the bench are some evergreen Arabis plants. It's frost free here with the tall wattle trees providing overhead shade.

 The view from the other side of the water race.
Wattle Woods Bench

Peaceful Country Sounds

Relax here in this sheltered spot with a drink and a cat and immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of the countryside - burbling water in the water race, sheep bleating SATB in the nearby paddock, the Moosey rooster (far too close) crowing his head off...

 surrounded by green
wattle woods garden bench - 1999

The above photograph has been rescued from the Moosey Archives.