Spring in the Wattle Woods

The winter of 2006 marked a huge change for the Wattle Woods Garden. Most of the huge Wattle trees were destroyed by a particularly wet snow storm. Suddenly there was sunshine, light, and more garden space for the Rhododendrons and Camellias to enjoy.

 The Moosey glass-house, as seen from the Moosey pond.
Framed in Blossom

Gradually the soil quality improved, thanks to compost and horse manure, and rain or irrigation now keeps the area reasonably moist. Those Wattle trees used to suck all the moisture and 'goodness' out of the garden. Shrubs which had been semi-lost and/or struggling now have their chance to shine - and be noticed.

 With blue Ajuga and a golden Choisya.
PInk Rhododendron in Wattle Woods

The group of Camellias up the back can be seen from the lawn, and the rhododendrons, particularly Kaponga and President Roosevelt, seem to have doubled in size.

Springing Back into Shape

The Wattle Woods are certainly springing back into good shape!

 See the Forget-me-nots in flower...
Spring in the Wattle Woods