Webmaster and Senior Son

Hi. I'm Eggy, Moosey's eldest son, and the webmaster of this site. I'm thirty-something years old and live on my own in South London. I built this site as a mothers day present for Moosey nearly a decade ago. Our family is a bit bonkers and as you can see it quickly got out of hand!

I am Eggy and I am moosey's eldest Son and the webmaster of this site
Me back home a few years ago with silly looking hair

I've been living in the UK for some years now and am enjoying life. I've visited some amazing places around the UK in the time I've been here - I'm a keen castle-spotter and a Sheffield Wednesday home and away season ticket holder. My football team's nose dive through three football divisions has sent me to away-games in cities and towns throughout England and Wales.

I've just reread the last paragraph - a castle-spotting webmaster? What a NERD! I'm a keen football and rugby fan - but if you're English please don't email me anything about the 2003 rugby world cup - I get enough at work already...

What I Do for a Crust

I work in central London as a web developer and SEO consultant for a large financial firm. It was tough at first to adjust to the corporate financial world but recently I've found my feet and am enjoying work.

What I Do for this Site

As the webmaster I'm responsible for all of the nerdy parts of mooseyscountrygarden - the design, programming, databases, and all the little technical bits and pieces that go with running a gardening website. Most of this site is my own creation, except for the forums and small sections of php and mysql code from various sources - see the credits page for more on this.

An Internet Gardener?

While I know most of mum's plants by name I'm not a gardener. Maybe I am an Internet Gardener? I'm a keen photographer and am responsible for some of the photos on mooseyscountrygarden, especially the closeups and insect photos...

If you've got any technical, website or internet questions you're welcome to email me and I'll do my best to help.