Garden Website History

A garden website is the perfect companion hobby to gardening itself. Associated activities will fill up cold winter evenings as well as summer days too hot to go outside. Moosey's Country Garden is a home grown labour of love

The Moosey's Country Garden website started out as a simple three or four page site with a couple of rose pictures, a Nicotiana Sylvestris and a cat or two. A wee mother's day web present from a son to his Mum. We are an obsessive family - so the site didn't stay small and simple for long... My retirement from full-time work in late 2003 was the turning point - I could become a 'proper' gardener and internet garden writer.

My first garden website was launched in 2000 and used a potager garden as a menu. It served its purpose well, for a while...
The First Version of

The original site, dubbed MCG1, was launched in 1999 on a free hosting service. In May 2001, webmaster son and I purchased the domain and launched the second version, MCG2.

My second garden Website was lovely.
The Second Version of

Through 2002 and 2003, MCG2 grew much like my garden. In Early 2004 we launched the latest and greatest Moosey's Country Garden - MCG3, the site you see now. It's bigger, brighter and better than my past websites with much more to find and do. There are well over two thousand pages of my garden ramblings, three thousand plus images, garden calendars for free download, a newsletter to subscribe to and a friendly forum to join. And it just keeps on growing and growing!

 Is this the final version?
The Third Version of

I've tried to lay my site out so that things are as easy to find as the paths in my garden. Check our the navigation page for help finding your way around and making the most of the site.