Garden by Willow Bridge

After Willow Bridge was built in 2008, it tended to feature in all the garden photographs I took near the water race, whether looking upstream or downstream. It's hard to ignore such a strong, beautifully made feature! The Gunnera can make things interesting, though, as the huge leaves droop over the bridge. Don't let them push you in the cold water!

 With Fluff-Fluff the cat.
Roses By Willow Bridge

Naturally the Moosey cats make use of the bridge, whether following the Head Gardener around, or just cruising having fun in the garden. In these pictures you'll meet big Fluff-Fluff and Little Mac our black and white catlet.

 Look at that giant Gunnera!
Little Mac the Kitten on Willow Bridge

Downstream of the bridge the waterside plantings include Shasta daisies, ferns and Phormiums, huge Miscanthus grasses, and the delightful moss rose William Lobb. As in all my plantings, things tend to get a bit mixed up together. But that's all part of the fun.

 Pretty Shasta daisies and a red toned flax.
Phormiums and Flowers

The water race is just a straight irrigation canal which runs right through my garden. It's lovely to have a well-behaved 'stream' to garden alongside!

 A moss rose.
William Lobb Rose by the Water