Blue Spring Crocus

Many gardeners will have experienced this. Suddenly an odd little flower or plant pops up - when did I plant that? And where on earth did it come from? Such is the case with one of my latest spring treasures - a large flowering crocus.

 What beautiful blue stripes!
Dutch Crocus

I have clumps of the smaller crocus which flowers in the middle of winter. It's easy to lose these tiny bursts of colour in the mulch and the wet weather! But this new crocus is taller, with a much larger, beautifully striped, china blue flower.

Spied in My Gardening Magazine

I've spied a look-alike in my magazine Fine Gardening, named a 'Dutch Crocus', Crocus vernus. It has pride of place on a page entitled 'Plants that Thrive on Neglect'. So is this the correct name for my latest spring surprise?

 beautifully striped in blue.
Crocus Petals

And why do I have no recollection of its arrival? Some kind friend has obviously given it to me, and I simply haven't been listening. Oops. I must learn to concentrate more!