Early Stables Garden Grasses

The Stables Garden began life as a small collection of roses and irises, dug around a hitching rail. The it seriously expanded, and I filled the new spaces with beautiful ornamental New Zealand grasses.

 Cordateria, or Toetoe as we call them.
New Zealand Grasses

My initial idea was to use screening plants, in order to get more privacy from the neighbouring drive. So in went the regulation Pittosporums, joined by some proper South Island Toe Toes and a trio of bargain bin red Cordylines.

Enter the Lavenders

Naturally other things joined the fun. Lavenders for colour in spring and summer, and a flowering Almond tree whose crop is much anticipated!

 The New Zealand Toetoe grasses are very beautiful.
The New Stables Garden - Back View

I shifted more of my irises into the original Stables Garden area, and generally moved another things in - or out. A couple of red fountain shaped flaxes, and hey presto! A great new easy care garden, full of the most beautiful grass plumes.

A beautifully mown green grass path separates the new, enlarged Stables Garden from the Birthday Rose Garden opposite. And how quickly everything in this newly gardened area grows! The soil (like the gardener) must be outstanding...

Snow Damage!

For the record, the Lavenders were short-lived, as were the original Toe Toes - everything was flattened by a snow storm in the winter of 2008. I've since added more deciduous ornamental grasses (like Miscanthus and Calamagrostis) which will survive better in dodgy weather.

 Heuchera and white daisies are livening up the border edge.
The Stables Garden