Obsessed with Pond Cottage...

 Early morning shadows by the Big Gum.
Green Garden Shadows

Today would have been a wonderful gardening day - warm, no wind... But I'm in my Pond cottage obsession mood again, and I've been busy sewing the patchwork bed cover. All the different materials are in shades of garden green, hee hee. Green is such a wonderful garden colour.

Friday 4th February

Last night Minimus my little grey cat got herself awfully 'stuck' up a huge pine tree - all trunk, no side branches. She kept on mewing pitifully in the darkness, as if she couldn't (or wouldn't) come down. Mother Moosey to the rescue - I stood dead still at the base with the torch shining on my arm (should it be needed to jump down onto). I waited, and waited... After about ten minutes Minimus stopped mewing and started to slither down the trunk backwards (scary to watch).

Minimus :
Meet little Minimus, found in my woodshed as a wild, starving kitten.

Finally I scooped her up and carried her to Pond Cottage for debriefing (cuddles and cat food). And then I went to bed and worried - why was she so frightened? Did Histeria the tabby chase her up there? Oh dear - the responsibilities of cat-motherhood...

All I've done all day (and it's taken me ages and ages) is sewing. Propped up in bed in Pond Cottage with my cup of tea I can see greenery out of the windows and doors.

 The object of my obsession...
Pond Cottage

I enjoy the tree foliage - there's a silver birch tree quite close, an Oaks further away. So my green bed-cover should bring the garden into the cottage...

 I bought in some new dahlias last year. This one is rather nice.
New Spiky Pink Dahlia

Saturday 5th February

Another sewing day, I'm afraid. Welcome to Moosey's Country Indoor Crafts, where you can see how slowly the patchwork cover progresses, encourage the cutting out of bias strips for the rag rug, and marvel at the new 3000 piece jigsaw. Oh - I almost forgot. You can also help water the hot and bothered tomatoes, busy in their patio pots producing an excess of golden cherry-sized fruit.

Sunday 6th February

I'm so sorry but I still have no gardening to report. But I have a good excuse! Today has been hot hot hot - 36 degrees Celsius, too hot for me. So I've been inside, and Pond Cottage's famed bed cover is finally finished.

I Blame Pond Cottage!

In fact, I blame Pond Cottage totally for my writing of late seeming preoccupied and distant. As a compulsive chronicler, I have become 'hoist with my own petard' - for I've been keeping a paper journal in the cottage, in which I write every morning and night, mainly about which cat has visited me, the beautiful spotty thrushes foraging outside in the mornings, and something else I've thought of that the Cottage needs (like small steps to get up onto the verandah). When I get obsessed I get well and truly obsessed!

 I'm afraid the grass isn't as green as it should be!
View From the Cottage

I'm sleeping inside the house tonight because Pond Cottage will be too hot, so I'm feeling more gardening normal. Tomorrow I have herbs and lettuce seedlings to pick up, plus some bright pink phloxes with white eyes. See - I'm even thinking and talking gardening again, rather than standard lamps, rag rugs, and wondering if I need to buy special Pond Cottage slippers...