Too many exclamation and question marks?

Sun! Yippee! But how cold is it? How many degrees? Only three? Eek! Brr! Too many exclamation and question marks? Absolutely! But enough of this typing silliness. I have gardening plans for today, starting with the patio garden.

Wednesday 5th June

First I dig out the sand from the old sandpit and dump it over by the fence - that should get me warmed up. Then I dig out any remaining grass. I'm getting even warmer. Then I pot up divisions of catmint (which will be planted along the new edge) and fetch the roses. By now I should be overheating and flinging off my thermals...

 Turning into a roses and catmint garden...
The Old Sandpit


Change of plan. The temperature had barely reached five degrees by mid-day, so it was more pleasant to garden in the sunshine. This close to the winter solstice, the patio is in mid-day shade (the low sun stuck behind the trees on the Hump). But it's been a productive three hours. I've trundled more dry rubbish to the bonfire. I've done some proper hands-and-knees weeding, trying to remove all the Iris foetida and the Creeping Charlie from underneath the apple tree. An improvement? Oh yes!

Thursday 6th June

Spent a few hours awake overnight listening to the cricket. Unfortunately we lost - it was the final match in the series against England. But we won the first two. Series win! But whenever I listen through the night we have an undistinguished loss, and if I sleep on undisturbed we have amazing success. I wonder if other New Zealand cricket fans have the same experience?

 Off for bad light? Come on, chaps..
Lazy Cricketers

Today it's been a little warmer. It's been very much a plodding day. To be precise, and giving all credit to the online dictionary

plod (pld)
1. To move or walk heavily or laboriously; trudge:
2. To work or act perseveringly or monotonously; drudge.

 My winter gardening boots and my dog Rusty.

Ha! I've been heavily, monotonously, laboriously and perseveringly plodding back and forth, back and forth, with my green wheelbarrow. One minute it's full of sand from the sandpit, the next it's full of rubbish for the bonfire. And on, and on, and on. Damp sand is HEAVY to shift!

 Watching and waiting.
Fluff-Fluff the Cat

My Gardening Guardian

Big Fluff-Fluff, my gardening guardian, has been following me everywhere, squeaking and inevitably getting left behind, even though I plod a rather slow plod. Silly cat! Four legs, no wheelbarrow - you should be able to keep up!

And it's not over yet. Rusty the dog and I are going to plod down the road to the bridge and back, and them I'm going to light the bonfire and dance for joy. No reason needed, and it will make a nice change from being a plodder, hee hee...

Friday 7th June

Oops. I've only spent two hours in my garden, very late in the afternoon, having a tiny bonfire. I'll have to whisper what I've actually been doing since I got home from chamber music. Eek... Housework! I just thought Non-Gardening Partner might like a clean downstairs to start the weekend off. The carpet is covered in dog and cat fur (Rusty and Fluff-Fluff) and wet leaves (oops - that will have been me).

+5 +5A thought for the end of the day - it's nice having a dusk-to-darkness bonfire. The temperature drops steadily towards evening, the light fades away to black, but it doesn't matter. In fact, time doesn't matter. It's back to three degrees outside and I've been toasty warm. Nice? Nice!