Too wet to garden...

 A Cornus called Cherokee Chief.
Autumn Dogwood Leaves

It's too wet to garden. But not too wet to go for a country drive to pick up thirty Allium bulbs (tiny ones), and pop into the rose nursery on the way back - just to check things out, nothing too serious. To be kind to Non-Gardening Partner I really should take my own wallet...

Saturday 20th April

And naturally it's not too wet to talk about the garden, or wander around taking photographs of autumn leaves (love those Dogwoods). I could make some weather-wise plans, too. Here's one - clean up the back house porch where all my tools, buckets, etc. get discarded. There's the same sort of mess on my side of the garage, too. Funny that!


I did take my wallet, filled with extra cash, as one should always do when visiting a bulb farm. So I also have fifty mixed pink and red tulips, and a dozen unknown daffodils. My tulips are going in pots - I lose them in my garden after one or two seasons.

 The prettiest variegations.
Another Autumn Dogwood

Sunday 21st April

+5Hmm.... Another 'too-wet-to-garden' day. That's two in a row! And the wind has been blowing the rain into Lilli-Puss's Cat Lounge in the hay barn, so I've shifted her armchairs and books out of range. Poor Lilli - she's had to resort to sleeping on top of the scratchy hay. This will not do!

 The so-called Flower carpet roses.
Scruffy Pale Yellow Autumn Roses

Monday 21st April

Sheep don't care about the rain. Each morning Charles the merino ram and his four lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) ewes plod a circuit around the ram paddock. They then settle underneath the pine trees and stare down at the cottage.

 Spot the ram?
Merino Sheep

Good Morning, Sheep

'Good morning, sheep' I say, politely, and stare back. But this is no story-book pastoral scene with fluffy creamy-white woollies. The autumn sheep have thick, grubby, grey fleeces, though their faces are startlingly white.

Hmm... It's still too wet. So today I'm going swimming, sushi-ing, and charity shopping with my friend. When I return I could do a little light peripheral tidying up. Even though the rain has stopped the garden proper is absolutely drenched. Walking the paths and dodging the dripping greenery would be interesting.


How boring! I've just tidied things, weeded inside the glass-house (yes, I do mean inside), and moved random pots from all over the garden onto the potting tables behind the glass-house. Oh, I've swept gum leaves off the house decking, too. But, really - these things are on a boredom level with vacuuming the house, and not worth mentioning.

Lilli's Cat Lounge :
Pop in and visit my grey cat Lilli-Puss in her own special Cat Lounge.

I've bought a small cane bookcase for Lilli's Cat Lounge, and I've also picked up six stinky bags of horse manure. They are now sitting in the wheelbarrow. How about I do three more basically boring things today?

  1. Carry the bookcase down to the Cat Lounge in the hay barn.
  2. Get a load of rotted grass clippings from underneath hedge.
  3. Put the horse manure onto the Dog-path Garden, and cover liberally with item in 2. above.

+5 +5 Ha! All done. It might have been too wet to garden, but it's not been too wet to enjoy the autumn colour, in the steadfast plodding company of Rusty the dog and Fluff-Fluff the cat. The Dogwoods and the Maples are now starting to fire up, so to speak. I'm so glad I chose to plant them, all those years ago. Enjoy!

 Brilliant reds.
Dogwood and Maple Trees in Autumn