Old stock!

 Exhausted after only one hour! Hopeless.
The Old Model

I have a complaint to make. Earlier this week I ordered in a super-gardener for May. Well, I've had to let her go. She was faulty, only managing two hours on the trot before tottering inside and collapsing in a disgruntled heap. Definitely defective - must be old stock!

Monday 5th May

Rather than applying for a refund, I would be willing to try out a newer, more energy efficient model. She could start this afternoon, as soon as I return from swimming. But she'd better be good!

Later, Lunchtime...

Eek! She's already here, waiting for instructions, and I'm not quite ready. Let me see - she can continue the weeding I started yesterday while I catch my breath. Pretty blue gardening shirt, by the way.


Success! This new super-gardener is far superior to that last one. She's already cleaned up in front of the Stables Seat and weeded around the Birthday Rose Garden. She took Rusty the dog for a walk down the road. And now she's off outside to do two more hours work - without even being asked! Such an improvement...

 Still flowering...
Orange Calendula


Absolutely brilliant. My new super-gardener just gets on with her work with not one tiny grumble. She has such a charming manner - she's softly spoken, and really patient with Rusty the dog. And what productivity!

She's weeded right along the water race garden from Willow Bridge to Middle Bridge - a task which I myself have done and found incredibly tedious. And the last remaining daffodils have been planted in sensible, sunny spots in the front of the border. Perhaps I could con her into doing my Brahms piano practice?

Here we go again. Non-Gardening Partner will not do any personal violin practice, but he really likes the Brahms sonatas. His pianist (me) will now practice for hours so all Brahms's groovy quavers etc. fall nicely underneath her fingers. NGP will then pick up his violin and bluff his way through the top chamber works of all time. Aargh! And he'll have the nerve to say that the piano gets all the good bits...

 They just keep on and on.
Late Flowering White Iceberg Roses

Tuesday 6th May

I'm just sitting around having my breakfast coffee and toast, waiting for my super-gardener to arrive. What should I get her to do today? Work around the Herb Spiral, I think. Such a tranquil, spiritual place.

Nearly Seven Hours Later...

Wow! What a day! The Herb Spiral paths have been weeded and covered with mulch (gum tree chippings). The rest of the water race garden border has been weeded. All the Gunnera by Middle Bridge has been cleaned up - the large stalks chopped down, a few leaves left to cover the crowns in case of serious frost, everything else carted off to lie underneath the hedge and dry out.

 Still flowering - no frosts as yet.
Mahogany Nasturtium

+5 +5It's been a Lilli-Puss day. She's been following me around everywhere, smooching and purring and getting in the way. Rusty the dog has been faithful, too - he's hurt his paw and has been limping around looking sad. I feel so sorry for him, and then he suddenly accelerates, side-stepping and zig-zagging, to chase a fantail. Then I don't feel quite so sorry!

 Working on the Herb Spiral
Shy Super-Gardener

I ended the day taking some photographs. There was a tiny problem with the super-gardener being a bit camera-shy. Then I pushed the wrong button and my camera began continuously clicking. Eek! Far too many pictures of the late-autumn bonfire....

Early Next Morning

I have a rather pleasing Brahms report. Without being prodded or prompted, my violinist (AKA NGP) agrees that Brahms's Sonata in G major is the best, the sonata he likes the most of all. Aha! It must appeal to that shady, romantic lurking deep inside. Hmm... Must check that out next time he's doing some chain-sawing.