Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I have a choice. Either I pop down to the Easter nursery sale to spend my spare money (?), or I sink into in a chair and drink. But it had better be iced water. Shovelling and barrowing soil in the hot sun is so tiring. I've been doing this for about three hours.

Six Hebes, Seven Lavenders, and a Lavatera Barnsley Later...

The Hebes are going in the Boundary Garden, and the Lavenders will go in the dry garden by the dogs' kennels. The Lavatera Barnsley might winter over behind the glass-house, and I'll try taking cuttings of it next spring. My last one reverted to plain lilac flowers.

 Winnie and the first autumn leaves.
Nearly Autumn

It's Good Friday and my big Easter project is to finish working down the boundary. There will be a line in the - sand? My side of the line will be nurtured and cared for, though the weeding may be given over to Non-Gardening Partner. The other side (the neighbour's mess) will be redesignated as 'Wilderness', a far more romantic term. Hopefully my attitude to it will thus improve...

 Happy Easter.
Pink Roses

Saturday 4th April

I've been shovelling and barrowing more soil and fetching chunky wood logs for the boundary garden edge. And I've started spreading my trailer load of bark mulch. I thought I'd be able to finish the project today, but alas - this is not to be.

Cat News

Tiddles the tabby went to the vet again this morning, and she's come back in low spirits, so I'm feeling pretty sad again. I just want my tabby catlet to get better. She's now caged in the big dog crate in her bedroom. Please get better, Tiddles. Sorry, but I just don't feel like writing much.

Sunday 5th April

Tiddles is a bit happier than yesterday, She's has a small breakfast and is purring again. A cat's purring - rather reassuring! Meanwhile dog-life, much less complicated, goes on. We've already been to the dog park which was full of Huskies and wiry little terriers. Young Winnie had a wonderful time play-chasing a Labradoodle. The dog park is very random, breed-wise. Some days it's overflowing with black and chocolate brown Labradors. Today - not a one.

 A beauty.
Spiky Dahlia

A Bit Later...

Shovelling, shovelling, shovelling... I've come inside because Buster the black catlet found me, and I'm working too near the road for her safety. But I needed a drink of water anyway. When Non-Gardening Partner comes back from flying I'll cook us an Easter brunch-lunch (pancakes, banana, bacon strips, and maple syrup).

But I think I've done enough work for the results to be visible in a photograph. I'll be back soon with evidence! Later I'll shut Buster in cat lounge. She loves to come gardening, but is a silent sneak-up-on-you cat. I think I'm alone with the dogs, and then there she is, peeping around a bush. She never makes a sound.

Dear Tiddles...

It seems an age since Tiddles the tabby was outside keeping me company. She's safe in her dog crate, recovering. A bit more purring, and she's eating OK. We are back to the vet on Tuesday for her next check. Dear Tiddles. Please get better.

Sort-Of Finished!

OK, it's much later, and my Easter digging project is 'sort-of' finished. OK, so I could get some more bark chips. I could lay some more edging logs up the slope. In fact, I may do both of these things. But the Deodar hedge on the flat is now positioned in a well-organised garden setting. Yeay! Finally!

 Almost done!
Working on the Boundary

To celebrate, we took the dogs on an Easter forest walk. Its such fun for each. Old-man-dog Rusty plods along the trail at his own pace, tail wagging. Winnie the youngster races off sideways into the forest, chasing birds and smells, then reappears ahead of us. We all end up staying together.

 The nig trees are mainly Firs and Macracarpas.
Winnie the Dog Walking in the Forest

Aww... We are a pack. We are family.