Gardening is my housework...

 The trees starting to change colour.
Beginning of Autumn

OK. So why would I ever want to watch a video of an amazing kitchen mop? Silly spammers. I'm a gardener. I'm much more likely to peep at a self-unfurling hose or a sentient autumn-leaf rake. I don't 'do' mops. Gardening is my housework.

Thursday 9th April

A somewhat dreamy, lazy autumnal gardener today, I'm afraid. I'm the dog-pack leader, the cat-to-vet driver, the supermarket shopper, and the supposedly sensitive 'secondo' in a piano duet playing Brahms. So sensitive that I missed the 'tranquillo' instruction and went off in a frenzy of thumping fortissimo quavers. I forgot all my D-flats, and tunelessly bellowed out the missing bits : 'Daaa-daaa-daaa-daaa'. Poor Brahms. And spare a thought for my poor 'primo'!

Tiddles :
Tiddles is a polydactly cat, with extra toes. Her front paws look like mittens.

Regarding the cat-to-vet, Tiddles the tabby is healing well, and will get her stitches out on Monday. Then her head-bucket can come off, and she can rejoin our family. She can also go outside, and play with her sister cat Buster.

Celebrations! I love my young tabby cat, and she's been so patient. It seems to have been ages since her original accident, and we have visited the vet many times. Yeay for Tiddles!

 A wonderful rose, late flowering.
Wet Darcey Bussell Rose

Friday 10th April

Spotted this morning by the bonfire, on early morning ramble with dogs - the David Austin rose Darcey Bussell. Wow. And wow again. Heart-warming, beautiful, and a hundred other such adjectives. This rose beckons gently to me every time I walk past.

Darcey versus Othello?

Interesting thought - I've always rated Othello as one of the very best dark red-pinks in the David Austin English rose family. But compared to Darcey Bussell, Othello's flowers look like angry fists of petals. Maybe I'm being influenced by the name and reputation of the man Othello. Whereas Darcey Bussell is a ballerina.

But there's more - another 'spotted' beauty, a huge pink dahlia which missed my 'remove and re-locate' phase last year. And another 'wow', though I had to bend down and look skywards to fully appreciate its large flowers. And prop up the flowers with a very discrete finger for the photograph!

 Propped up by my invisible finger!
Big Pink Dahlias

Which means that they're too heavy for the stalk, and the whole design is flawed... No such flaws in Darcey Bussell, that's for sure!

 Tennis ball in mouth.
Winnie Swimming

Winnie the Book Dog!

Winnie the dog is under strict supervision today. She's been quietly removing books, one at a time, from my bookcase, and carrying them carefully outside. Then at her leisure she chews the covers and a few of the pages off. And when is she likely to do this? When I'm on the computer concentrating, or texting (rather laboriously) on my phone. Devious dog! Imagine if I found her sitting quietly under a tree reading, hee hee...


After swimming I took the dogs to the dog park, as the drizzle got heavier and wetter. Naturally there were no other dogs there, which put Winnie into a rather tetchy mood. She forgot that I was the BBB (Big Bad Bitch), snapped and yapped her annoyance, and jumped up at me. Sorry Winnie. We were the only dogs there, so to speak, and that wasn't my fault.

Decisions, Decisions...

Sometimes retired older ladies have awfully important decisions to make. I have one such. Buster the black kitten has partially destroyed my two-thirds finished 2000 piece jigsaw (a yellow tree in a German mountain valley). It is now spread around the piano room all over the floor, under the table, and everywhere. Buster!

 Destroyer of jigsaws.
Buster the Black Cat

OK. Do I painstakingly clean up the mess and rejoin the broken bits? It's taken me ages to get it this far. Darling, playful, annoying young Buster could be banished outside to wreak havoc on some fallen autumn leaves. I imagine this should give her a similar sensation. Or do I give up and throw the lot into the bin? I need to decide - the scattered pieces are stopping me from vacuuming the carpet. Aha! Housework! But gardening is my housework, so I should zoom outside and leave the jigsaw exactly where it is? Hmm...