Merry Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to my puffy knee, the result of an oldish-lady fall last night after Carols by Candlelight. The candlelight was the problem - I tripped over an electrical lead in the dark, kerplunk onto the grass. OK, it could be pay-back for mimicking the ultra-wobbly alto who sang behind me. Naughty.

Merry Christmas to my garden. So far today I've weeded in the Stumpy (AKA Willow Tree) Garden - rather nicely, I must say. And finally I've heaved all the Banksia rose pieces into the trailer. Now it's up to Non-Gardening Partner to chain-saw down the remains of the damaged plum tree and some nearby Cotoneasters. Christmas chain-sawing? I hinted and hinted, but he wandered off to 'adjust' the lawn mower.

Merry Christmas to my roses, and all the other pretty flowers. And Merry Christmas to my second glass of Merlot. So here I am, breaking the first rule of blogging : Never, ever write when drinking. It's more than the spelling that can go awry. Right?

 Young dog, old dog!
Dogs in the Forest

Cats and Dogs...

And Merry Christmas to my dogs. I hope you appreciated my puffy knee limping around the forest with you earlier. Please stop bringing stinky pheasant feathers into the house (a pheasant has 'gone down' in the gardens over the water race). Yes, Winnie, I will throw your tennis ball a few more times, but really! This is a grand obsession. A bit like me and gardening...

Merry Christmas to my cats. I love you all. Histeria, you've eaten well today (raw snapper, steak and kidney, cooked chicken), but I do wish you'd put on some weight. Tiddles and Tiger - please stop licking the mayonnaise. Young Minimus, my cottage cat - all those years ago, when you were the wildest little kitten, stuck in the woodshed.... Awww. I remember it well. Black Buster - too scary! You can't follow the dogs when they go for a walk along the road at night. Aargh!

Merry Christmas to Non-Gardening Partner. Here's a Christmas list for you (you lucky man) :

Merry Christmas to my family and friends. Be strong, eat modestly, and enjoy the summer unfolding.

And Merry Christmas to Me

And finally, Merry Christmas to me, and the new library books on my bed in the cottage, waiting for me (slightly sozzled) and my puffy knee (stiffening up big-time). Yeay! Christmas Night! Take an anti-inflammatory pill? Why not! It's not as if I'm driving anywhere... Good night and blessings, everyone.