Happy New Year for 2019

Happy New Year for 2019. So how has my gardening year started? Aha! With some jolly sensible weeding, followed by mulching. Because mulch stops the next batch of weeds from growing. My New Year's Resolution for this week is to get the weeds in my garden under control. The Hump is pretty badly infested. We've had so much summery rain, and there's so much more sunlight in The Hump now. It's no surprise that carpets of weeds have surfaced.

Here's the plan. I try my best. I think logically, then I weed sensibly, and I don't give up. In the main flowery and rosy area I remove weeds by hand, then cover with wood chips. This morning I laid some log edges to contain this area. But further down the garden I am allowed to use 'other methods'. Oops, and sorry about that, and I'll try my very best not to do anything antisocial. But there's only me. I can dig, slice, pull, or - ahem - spray in here, if it gets too difficult. Mulch, too, is to be laid thickly on top.

 One of our new kittens.
Black Fred Kitten on the Table

More resolutions? More would be nice. A non-weeding one would be heart-warming. I'd quite like some that were deeper, more thoughtful, spiritual even, but I can't really think of any at the moment. Am weeding obsessed! Lay awake in the middle of last night planning my weeding strategy. Forgot all about welcoming the New Year.