Lovely summer!

 Putting on weight again with her new pills. Phew!
Tiger the Cat

Lovely summer. The garden is thriving, the kittens are growing, Tiger the cat is doing well on her new thyroid pills, the dogs are behaving, the new roses in The Hump are gloriously blooming...

Great piano playing...

My piano playing is going pretty well, and so is my New Year's social life - yeay! Non-Gardening Partner, still happily on holiday, is busy fixing the wooden patio pergola. I've arranged some music for my choirs. I've also had lots of fun with family and visitors.

There's just one tiny thing - the arthritic gardening toes are becoming a wee nuisance in the night. So I have put myself back onto my older lady 'joint health' pills. Shouldn't ever have stopped taking them, really - just laziness.

No 'crocs' allowed...

And I have to wear my proper hiking shoes when gardening. Slopping about in summer 'crocs' or sand-shoes is banned.

 A miniature orange.
Another Rose in the Hump

Gum bark everywhere...

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours clearing the back lawn. Lots of pieces of gum tree bark had been strewn around by the big wind (a couple of nights ago, this, with much whining and moaning and crashing of small branches - hard to sleep).

I also trimmed lots of Phormium stalks, so heavy that they were pulling the plant bases over, and tidied up the edges of the borders.

Monday 7th January

Today I've been cleaning up the Stumpy Garden's lawn, and weeding around the edges. I've had to cut several large Gunnera leaves away from Willow Bridge (which was completely blocked to humans, and only just dog-passable). The water is very noisy upstream, crashing through the Gunnera, and I wonder if something is jammed, damming up the water flow.

 By the water race.
Phormiums and Daylilies

I need to put on my 'crocs' (just briefly), slither in there, and check. Promise to take them off immediately afterwards...

Ten Minutes Later...

Hee hee. A very solid (and useful) fence-post was wedged between the banks. Lots of other tree pruning debris had gathered thereon. So I released all the rubbish (oops) to float away. Out of sight, out of mind - just like someone upstream was thinking, sending them down to me. I rescued the fencepost.

Summer apres-gardening clothing delights - some lovely pale apple-green Doctor Livingston shorts (two dollars) and a white flowing cotton shirt (ditto). Summer flower delights - more daylilies, and more roses. The summer garden in glorious summer colour. Enjoy!