Another fresh start?

 Winter rose.

Today is going to be different. It is going to contain gardening. No more excuses - like drizzly weather, or cold weather, or rain, or dogs with buckets on their heads needing supervision. Oh boy. Another fresh start?

Saturday 18th July

These last two days I've been behaving rather strangely - though I have spent over two hours each day walking the dogs, and I've wobbled through a couple of my Silver Swans ballet classes. The rest of the time has been spent inside, putting logs in the wood-burner and watching alarming Youtube videos of Polish Alpinists attempting winter climbs in the Karakoram mountains. I'm doing a lot of deep thinking about people being away from shelter, out there in real winter conditions. It's that time of year, right? Time to re-read (for the 'nth' time) The Worst Journey in the World, Apsley Cherry-Garrard's shivery and almost unbelievable tale of Antarctic travel in winter.

Not really that cold...

But really - it's not really been that cold at all outside in my garden. For example, yesterday was six degrees Celsius, but no wind, and the lightest drizzle. Some days there's even been weak sunshine and blue sky. I get out in all weathers walking the dogs, so I'm not turning into a total winter wimp.

 Beautiful spots of colour.
Two Winter Camellias

But... I do need a winter gardening plan. Yet again! Aargh! July seems to have been a very stop and start month, so far. And before I even think of the tasks that need doing, I must go around the garden with my camera to check on the Camellias. And guess what? It's five degrees Celsius, grey and raining. Brr...

A bit later...

Sorry. It's too cold and wet. I've walked around the orchard five times with the dogs (they walk with me separately). I didn't find many Camellias flowering, and the garden is mainly greens and browns. Oh well. At least it's not bluey-white...

 No snow, please no snow!
Green and Brown Winter Garden