Poor Pebbles

 She is getting used to her head bucket.
Pebbles in her Dog Bucket

No gardening today. Have been looking after Pebbles the dog, recovering from a wee operation at the vet's. The silliest, tiniest grass seed had burrowed its way into her rump, resulting in infection, a cut with four stitches, and a slim-line bucket on her head for ten days. Being a nervous dog, she is rather jumpy about the bucket.

Good dogs...

Meanwhile Winnie, still confined to her crate, considers herself totally mended and available for silly running and chasing. We've just been out for one of our bouncy walks.

I've been thinking about the Hump Garden. It has naturally expanded to fit new arrivals (roses, dahlias, agapanthus and so on), and I rather like its - momentum? There is one thing, however. I've been given a lot of miniature roses. The tall shrubs in the Hump are OK, but the tiddlers are not really to my liking, nor suited to my garden. Dig them all out and plant them in large strategically placed pots, little splashes of colour for next summer? What do you think? Will I remember to keep them watered? Hmm...

 And Pebbles the dog with her bucket.
Winter Driveway

Right. Some bear knitting (purple tights) on the TV couch, I think, and perhaps a gentle Youtube train ride. Poor Pebbles - she's a subdued dog, and I need to keep her company. And hope that she doesn't break her bucket.

 Hope her dog bucket is strong enough. Crash! Crash!

More on my Miniature Roses Project

Digging them all up and putting them into big pots is a really good idea. I really don't like to waste good plants, gifted free. Maybe they could live on the house patio, a good place for smaller pretty things to be noticed? If this doesn't work, at least I've tried.

Oops - The decking just outside the house is rotting, and part of it has sunk. A large blue pot, planted with a green Astelia, has collapsed. Another job for Non-Gardening Partner?

More dog news...

Winnie is back from her day at the vet having x-rays. All is going very well, just a tiny procedure to remove a wee thingy 'from the surgical line'. Antibiotics and a bright red compression bandage on her leg - phew! I'm not sure I could easily cope with two bucket-head dogs. Spare a thought for the Fred cats - a clattering bucket on legs racing towards you can give a cat a bit of a fright. Even when it's only Pebbles wanting to 'say hello' (i.e. a give a vigorous face lick).