A tall Nicotiana.
Nicotiana Sylvestris

My two lives of web-gardening and real gardening are blurred. The Moosey website can't be updated at the moment, so nothing in my garden is being updated, either. Oops. I also seem to have stopped writing. This will not do! Soldier on, I say.

OK, so the weather has been a bit hot for gardening. I've done much water-bucketing and hose-shifting. I've also made plans for plant-shifting, but later, closer to autumn. But really - I need to be doing. And, obviously, writing - to gee myself along. Giddy-up gardener!

Yesterday I took the dogs for ten walks and weeded for ten minutes. Not good enough (though the dogs would disagree). There's plenty of gardening in the shade that I could have been doing. What about clearing the path behind the glass-house? And tidying up all the gum tree bark from round the pond?

 A prolific flowerer!
Salmon Pink Flower Carpet Rose

Not seriously hot...

It's not even been seriously hot - thirty degrees Celsius is about the limit - but the heat puts me off and I get moochy and lazy. Yesterday afternoon instead of gardening I watched the first episode (recorded) of the New Zealand Bachelorette on TV. I did use the fast forward button a lot, but really! Ouch! This is serious.

Today, after swimming (and warming up the knees, hips, and feet), I worked outside for three and a half hours - not bad, not bad. I cleaned up the patio pots. My horse manure lady arrived with thirty bags of poos for me. Thirty! Yeay! I started spreading it on the Allotment Garden, which I'm watering, particularly the large patch of Salvia uligosa (a wonderful bee plant for late summer).

Next day...

Shifted the hoses yet again, collected some beans off the obelisk, took some photographs of roses. I love the roses. But some good garden news : rain is forecast. So I started spreading more horse manure. Welcome, worms, to my dusty Allotment Garden.

Then - aargh! Joy! I'm back inside. It is raining. Blessed rain. Lovely, gentle rain. Wet rain. Please keep going. And web-site data base - please get fixed!