A weeding week?

A week in mid-February - what should I do? Some wondering? Wondering what to do next? Watering? Wandering around? Walking with the dogs? Weeding? All of the above, but yes, definitely some weeding. I need a weeding week. Sorry, dogs. This must sound quite boring for you.

 Pebbles and Winnie, sisters.
My Dogs

Weeding is like the nuts and bolts - the engine room? of gardening. So I've been weeding the Allotment Garden for the last three hours, crawling around on my hands and knees, pulling gently at undesirable green things. No gloves - oops. And no hand digger - oops. Just one little claw scraper which I have managed not to lose. Yet.

 The birds have made a bit of a mess!
Manure on Allotment Garden

Weeding must be the most over-used word in this gardening journal. It is always something I should be doing. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. No season is unweedy. No week can go past without the need to weed. Aargh!

Think while you weed...

Actually, as long as I've got something reasonably deep to think about, I rather enjoy concentrated weeding in one place. This afternoon I weeded in the Hump Garden and had a good think about the roses that need to be shifted out of the Allotment Garden (so difficult to get water to them). And the red hot pokers, heavily shaded by a large rose (Rambling Rector), less than luke-warm. These robust beauties need to be in full sun.

 Nicer to look at than weeds!
Mid-Summer Flowers

I also sang bits of William Byrd's beautiful Mass for 5 voices in my head (am singing it tomorrow morning). And, really, the weeding went very well. Except I didn't take photographs. Weeds are simply not worthy of visual recording. Sorry about that. I'd much rather show you summer flower photographs. Enjoy.

 Roses and dahlias.
Mid-Summer Flowers