Welcome back!

My gardening journal has been offline for almost four weeks now (the data base broken), so the February 2020 web-version of me has been somewhat invisible. It's been a bit sad - you see, I really enjoy the website. Something's missing in my life...

 So much darker in colour.
Westerland Rose

A seasonal signpost

I've now started cutting back the Shasta daisies. This is one of my seasonal signposts - summer is not a-comin' in but a-goin' out. It takes me ages to fill the barrow with trimmings, and dump them under the hedge. And - sneaky - my own secateurs are lost, so I've been 'borrowing' Non-Gardening Partner's and then popping them back on his shelf in the garage, hoping he won't notice. Hmm...

Shift some roses?

I'm deep-watering the Allotment Garden and spreading horse manure on it. It's almost time to move some of its smaller roses. The Hump Garden is a much better location - open, sunny, lying underneath the big whooshy irrigation. Many roses are now flowering again, their colours much deeper now that the harsh summer light is fading. Thought : it's wonderful to have four separate garden seasons (but I've never gardened otherwise).

Yeay for Pebbles!

Finally, some good news regarding Pebbles, my young Border Collie. She doesn't bark rudely at me any more when we're out garden walking. Wow!

 Good girl!
Pebbles the Collie Dog

I've spent over two years trying to stop this behaviour. I've spoken sweetly, I've bellowed. I've stopped walking and shown her my bottom, or done the 'double tea-pot' pose. I've glared at her, or deliberately not made eye contact. I've tried hand signals, and even thrown water in her face. You name it, I've tried it. So after two years she's got the message not to bark in my face? My goodness - a slow learner Collie? Is there such a dog?

Great web-news!

Great web-news! Yeay! I am finally back online, and busy catching up. I'm busy catching up with things in the garden too, collecting and dumping three barrowfuls of Shasta daisies per day, plus assorted weeds, old woody Hebes, rose dead-heads...

Outdoor Mosaic Mirror

To welcome the web-me back I've bought the grooviest home-made mosaic mirror (from the Op Shop). It's on the ground, leaning against a flowering cherry tree in the Pond Paddock Garden, definitely a 'walk past and smile' garden ornament. Hope it doesn't rot and fall apart. Remind me never to take anything for granted, hee hee.

February journal pages

Click on the wee calendar at the top of the page if you want to catch up with my February - lots of pretty photographs, lots of weeding, not too much moaning...