Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to cats, dogs, friends, and family. And Merry Christmas to my lovely garden.

 From me.
Merry Christmas December 2021

I enjoyed being a Non-Gardening Gardener for Christmas Day : Non-Gardening Partner and I went up into the mountains for a bit of a hike. All we took with us was water - left the dogs in their kennels and the Christmas cake in the tin. Magical beech forest, not a breath of wind, no people, so peaceful.

 Sitting, quite relaxed, on the cottage verandah.
Speckles the Visiting Cat

Dogs' Day Out

On Boxing Day we hosted a Dogs' Day Out (with assorted family). We all had fun, and Lilli-Puss was a star. She's so dog-proof that she had the visiting brown dogs sorted (and totally under her paw) in less than two minutes. Big brown Escher didn't squeak at all this time, and young Frida seemed very relaxed and mature about being stalked by a senile grey cat. The other cats disappeared, wisely, until the house was again brown-dogless.

After everyone went home NGP and I went car-touring in the Italian Alps on Youtube, passing hundreds of other cars, motorbikes, and cyclists. Quite a contrast to our solitary mountain walk the day before.

Merry Christmas to Speckles the Stray

I haven't sighted Speckles the stray for a few days now, but he (I assume) is eating the food I leave each night on the cottage verandah. By the morning his bowls are licked clean. Merry Christmas to my pretty cat visitor. Please drop by any time. Daytimes would be very nice, but if you must sneak past the cottage in the middle of the night then that's OK too.