Trim that hedge...

 Love them!
Summer Dahlias

So it's raining and drizzling again. Funny weather, but not a problem. A bit drippy for gardening, but not a problem. Might stay inside and eat all day. Oops. This could be a problem! Too many yummy Christmas left-overs...

Wednesday 29th December

What do I feel like doing today? Not important. Because what I will be doing today is helping with the Olearia hedge trimming. My job is to gather barrow loads and burn them on the bonfire. Yuk.

Except that it's still drizzling, just quietly, which always gets the bellbirds singing to each other. They must enjoy the droplets of rain on their backs. Am not sure I will!

Nope. There's too much drizzle to operate the hedge trimmer. So I am off to take photographs of the dahlias (such wonderful summer flowerers, if that makes sense). I love the reds, contrasting so nicely against all the green foliage in the garden. Then we are going swimming.


After swimming we went to visit Earl the new kitten. Why Earl? Because he's grey, hee hee. He is the sweetest, tiniest thing, and not the slightest bit worried by the two brown dogs (his house mates).

 Happy in the garden.
Earl the Kitten

The weather cleared, but there wasn't time for the hedge. So I weeded along the water race for a couple of hours, hands and knees, kitchen scissors, pretty silly really. But it does look nice!

The Last Day of 2021

And guess what? Finally Non-Gardening Partner is trimming the Olearia hedge and I am burning the mess. I am also hauling out mess from underneath the woodshed - pieces of the dead rambling rose, chunks (they're bigger!) of dead Kiwi fruit vine - and adding them to the bonfire. The sun us beating down. It's getting too hot for all this work. But...

 Winnie and the cricketers.
The Olearia Hedge is Trimmed

But it is with the greatest pleasure that I can say, authoritatively, definitively - this is the last bonfire of the year! Phew! Yeay! Yippee! Going out on a high?