Is this a path? Continued...

 Most certainly!
Is this a path?

While I was busy raking the path behind the cottage (ha! the path works properly again) Non-Gardening Partner randomly decided to clean the mess off the roof of the cottage. Down it all came, great blobs of mess, into the cottage's garden. So I had to rake all that mess up as well.

I hope all these little details about yet another grand gardening day aren't boring you to sleep. Stop yawning! I'm off to have a shower and wash my hair. Then a chocolate reward, I think. And then to sleep, to dream about paths that aren't blocked by anything...

Next day...

Is this a path? What a cheek! NGP has been dragged around the Wattle Woods to see the results of yet another big day. I've cleaned up everything I can, and all the paths are proper paths again. I've even shifted stones out from behind the pond to line some path edges. Also have dug out and divided up a green Phormium which was suffering, and removed an Anamenthele grass which was smothering the roots of a Roger Hall red Camellia. Now I have the watering hoses on, to give all the Camellias (and the beautiful Kaponga rhododendron) a good drenching.

 A deepish red, flowering mid-season.
Kaponga Rhododendrons

Dog news : NGP has cut and clipped the matted fur off Winnie the dog's backside. Her undercoat (is that the word?) is grey, so she looks a sorry, moth-eaten sight, with the skinniest tail.

 Winnie is on the left. Dear dog!
Dog bottoms

But does she care? Not a jot, now. A different story when the clippers moved gently down the tail. Girl dogs and their tails - hmm...

Tuesday 7th September

Yeay! Today, another path. I spent the morning poking around the Pond Paddock gardens - watering the Camellias, potting up things, trimming Hydrangeas in the Apple Tree Border, raking, and so on. The wind was blowing, and it was very noisy. Late in the afternoon I decided to re-route the path in front of the glass-house, back where it was originally. Am very pleased. Nothing sillier than a silly path with no sense of where it's going, and no reason to be going there.