Oh dear...

 And Beethoven!
Roger Hall Camellias

Oh dear. Out with it. My brief pianistic affair with Beethoven (one of my old flames) is over, almost before it began. He just doesn't speak to the mature version of me. And personal communication is what it's all about, right? So I have ditched him for Schumann. Oops. Indecent haste.

Today I've had another of my odd musical days. Firstly, Schumann and I spent a couple of hours testing the waters, so to speak. I put the hoses on (I am, after all, supposed to be a gardener) and went off to my Bob Dylan Tribute Band practice. Back home I shifted the hoses once more, then back to Schumann. Wow! Such passion, such quality, such depth... Such a silly old woman!

Wednesday 29th September

Aargh! I hope the honeymoon isn't over before it's begun. First thing this morning, me and Schumann had a bit of a hiccup. The piano keys were cold (frosty night, heat lost equals heat gained) and so my poor fingers got cold. The Grande Sonata Opus 14 spluttered its way to the end of the first movement. And stopped, like a car that had run out of petrol. Ouch.

 Winnie is on the left. She looks rather chunky...
Singing Dogs

Warmed my hands on my cup of coffee by the log-burner. 'Well, that was a dog's breakfast' I told Lilli-Puss, my old demented cat who is always there (and not all there). Bad choice of phrase - two excited Border Collie dogs appeared from nowhere. Dog's breakfast! Dog's breakfast! Tricked them into going outside. They started singing. Aargh!

 Stone edges.
Pond Paddock Gardens

So all of a sudden my garden looks dry, and my little hoses look really pathetic. I'm trying to water the gardens where my new plantings are. Today the Camellias in the Pond Paddock gardens are getting a soaking. Though looking at how tiddly my hose pressure is, it's more like a sprinkling. Maybe a connection somewhere in the system is leaking.

 Gay Baby.
Pond Paddock Camellias


I've spent a couple of hours tidying the border edges in the Pond Paddock Gardens. The idea is that this is a well travelled route for me (it leads to the cottage), and this should be a pleasant experience. I've also watered my seeds in the glass-house - there is much germination going on. I'm almost ready for some potting mix.

Light the bonfire last...

The very last thing to do today is to light the bonfire. Lots of small tree branches came down in the last big wind, and I've gathered up quite a pile.

But I have lots of other random things to do before then. For example, enjoy the garden, take some photographs, enjoy the garden more...


Too much wind. So I watered the Camellias by hand and slowed myself down. Nice!