Tree accessories...

For ages I have been wanting to accessorise the big trees in my garden with fairy doors. Finally, I've started production. The idea (thanks, Pinterest) is to use photo frames as the door frames, then twigs (for example) for the door, and assorted oddments for door handles and knockers etc.

 First two attempts.
Fairy Doors

This is most exciting! Much more exciting than burning the waiting trailer load of hedge trimmings, or winter-trimming the garden behind the glass-house. Or cleaning out the glass-house in preparation for spring seed sowing. Or pruning more roses. Aargh!

Six hours later...

Garden guilt got the better of me. Oh boy! I spent the morning collecting rubbish - trimmed the first large Miscanthus and collected five barrowloads of burnable mess from the fence-lines. Had a quick lunch, then started the bonfire. Managed to burn half the trailer-load of hedge trimmings - they are rain-wet, so have to be layered with gum leaves.

 Very pretty.

Trundled each barrow-load past a patch of medium red Hellebores. Such beauty, in the middle of my wintry garden, lightening the load...

 In the Driveway Garden.
Cornubia Rhododendron

Thursday 29th July

Well, well, well! NGP has taken the day of to help with the bonfire, which has restarted itself, hedge trimmings gurgling away. I'm back from ballet, about to do some more serious garden trimming and clearing. But now the real reason for NGP's day off is now becoming apparent - he thinks he might go flying. Fair enough! But he has collected a whole trailer load of hedge and driven it right up to the bonfire.

So I've been burning, and it's not easy to say much about this. It just has to be done. The hedge trimmings (Leyland Cypress from the shelter belts) are such a nuisance to dispose of, but the hedges look very neat and tidy. So no complaining, right?

And wandering around the garden collecting rubbish, one comes across some lovely treasures - Camellias flowering, tiny purple violets, the first red rhododendron Cornubia (a straggly beauty, in the middle of the Driveway Garden. I also see a lot of wee promises of things to come - clumps of Muscari greenery, little dwarf irises, self-seeded forget-me-nots bulking out nicely. Lots of little blobs of greenery...

For the fairy doors...

Have collected a lot of different frames for more fairy doors. I've also bought some cheap jewellery - quasi-celtic medallions, ear-rings for door knobs, and so on. Photographs to come, very soon. My big trees are really looking forward to being adorned!