Winter doings...

 My bonfire
After one whole day of burning.

I've been burning Leyland hedge trimmings and dead Phormium leaves, while doing some pretty deep thinking about my animals. Particularly Lilli-Puss, my lost-and-found cat. She is a very sweet, loving cat, but naturally timid and cautious, and doesn't really want to come out of her room. I put on my sweet voice, I tempt her with food - she peeps shyly out the open door, but stays put.

Normally I'd worry about shutting a cat in like this, but Lilli-Puss obviously feels safe and comfortable in her room - and her life of cat litter trays, and visits from me with food and cups of tea. Early days, though - she's only been home with us for three weeks.

Feed the birds...

Had a quick lunch on the patio, watching the wee birdies eating their food. Today these is a public bird count going on, during a specified time. Am not participating (it's just a little bit arbitrary to be useful data, in my opinion). I estimate I'm feeding a flock of about fifty wax-eyes, plus assorted blackbirds and starlings who tend to arrive in ones and twos. They all share the food, with no big-bird bullying, thankfully. The trees around the patio are full of birds taking a breather and wiping their beaks clean.

 Flowering behind the garage.
First Red Camellia - Tinsie

At the butcher's

Have been giggling about a conversation I had at the butcher's. 'What was I buying?' a woman asked me. 'A fat ball to feed the birds', I told her. She seemed excited. 'What a good idea - I'll buy one as well', she said. Then she stopped to think. 'But then they'll all come back next year expecting to be fed'. She gave her fat ball back to the butcher and wandered off. All I can say is : '???????'


Gave Pebbles a real talking to this morning - instead of coming gardening with me she takes herself off to the fence-line to stare at next-door's faraway goats. This makes me sad, because the goats don't do anything, while I consider myself very interesting, wheeling my barrow back and forth.

Have told her her she is a 'disappointing dog'. Wonder if this is good dog-parenting practice? Suspect not...

A Disappointing Dog

Finally the bonfire is running out of puff. Time to fuel-up the log-burner, have a shower, get clean, and get ready for two choir rehearsals.

Thursday 1st July

Eek! July! Today I went into the water race wearing my new waders (bought for $25 to replace my old leaky wading suit). Evaluation? First of all, the putting on and the taking off. Yeay! Only took about fifteen seconds each way (I timed it, silly me). The leak-test - no leaks, though the lightweight gumboots let more coldness in. Mobility - much improved! Overall, a huge improvement on my man-hipped wading suit, which I now can't believe I was talked into buying. Foolish woman!

 That water is really cold!
Selfie in My New Waders

So I trimmed all the Gunnera at the edge of Middle Garden, as well as lots of ferns and Phormiums, while my disappointing dog took herself off again on goat-watch. Feet felt a bit cold after two hours - but not enough to be a problem. Told myself it was psychological (it wasn't).

Lovely - and not so lovely!

Lovely! Am now back inside, my feet have warmed up, a hot coffee has woken me up, and I'm happy to have spent some good quality winter time in my garden. Not so lovely - dropped my phone in the gutter outside my friend's house, where it spent last night in light drizzle. My friend has retrieved it and is drying it out. But will it go?