Dozy and disappointing?

One should be careful when insulting ones dogs - for example, calling them disappointing and dozy. Because there then comes a day (like today) when one's own efforts are exactly that! Today I have been very disappointing and extremely dozy. I went out to work in the water race and hardly managed two hours. I left all my mess everywhere - couldn't be bothered to collect it up. Then I missed the next three hours of daylight (good gardening time) by falling asleep in front of the log-burner. Golly. All the things I was going to do. Like plant my two new Hebes by Duck Lawn. Fun things.

 Pebbles and Winnie
My Dogs

Hardly had the energy to get a wheelbarrow load of firewood for the house. And now all I want to do is go to bed. Hmm...

Next day...

I am back! Bigger and better, running on full energy. So what have I done so far today? Prepare to be astounded. I have been bonfiring. I have raked up and collected up barrowfuls of dry mess from around Duck Lawn, plus dead Cordyline leaves. I have also planted the two new Hebes, and a green Astelia, and surrounded them with mulch. And it is only lunchtime. My dogs started their day outside with me, sat in the driveway and barked at nothing for about ten minutes, then slunk back inside to snooze on the dog couches.

 A favourite spiky plant in my garden.
Green Astelia

Now I am going back outside. This session should be two hours, maybe more. I need to encourage that bonfire. I also have more cleaning up of the water race to do. We'll see, we'll see. Bye for now. Goodbye, dogs, enjoy your snoozing.

Three hours later...

What a turnaround! I have paid my garden back for my shocking attitude of yesterday. I've cleared and widened the paths that lead from Duck Lawn. I've raked up lots more mess. I sat right underneath the Phormium Tricolor in Middle Garden and trimmed most of its dead leaves off. My bonfire roared one minute, sulked the next, but overall it went OK. I've cleared up all that mess I made yesterday, which gives me a particularly good feeling.

 My wild cat friend.

Feed the cottage cats...

Now I'm off to feed the cottage cats - plural, though Speckles didn't come for dinner last night. His choice. I haven't gone anywhere or abandoned him. Last night Minimus woke me with a growl - Red Fred was on the verandah, just starting to eat Speckles' food. Shone the torch in his face - he looked puzzled. Then opened the cottage door and roared at him. Off he scampered. Funny how Minimus knows that the cat out there in the dark is not her friend Speckles.

Saturday 18th June

Have been bonfiring again and cleaning up more Phormiums. Have also moved a few barrow loads of mulch onto the garden by Duck Lawn. But I am getting quite cold, and it is getting a bit late. Brr...

Sunday morning...

Just off to singing. Speckles swung by last night, hissed at me, chirped at me, smooched my legs, consumed three bowls of food, drank his milk, and departed, happy (presumably).