Moosey News : May 2009

Dear Subscriber,

I've been doing far more work on the Moosey website than in the Moosey Garden these last weeks. Mulching becomes a never-ending chore, and the autumn leaves will not oblige my raking plans by all falling down at once. But - there is hope - a short summery holiday in the USA! Phew!

This month's features :

  1. Roses, Roses, Roses
  2. Pond Maintenance
  3. New Path in the Wattle Woods
  4. The New Shrubbery
  5. Autumn Apologies

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : Crown Princess Margareta Rose
  2. Animal of the Month : B-Puss, Reincarnated?
  3. Garden Quote : Choosy shrubs and pink lavatories
  4. Garden Gallery : Blue Lupin
  5. Forum Focus : Friends' Journals
  6. Gardening Advice : Taking spam personally
  7. Searching for Moosey : Exotic Gunnera
  8. Coming up this month : My holiday. Yippee!

This month's features

1. Roses, Roses, Roses

An avenue of thirteen archways - that makes approximately twenty-six roses. But what are their names?

2. Pond Maintenance

That's scraping the bottom of the barrel, writing about the pond clean-out, said Non Gardening Partner. Ha! More like scraping the bottom of the pond, said I. Anyway, lots of people adore seeing pictures of digging machinery...

3. New Path in the Wattle Woods

Now the Wattle Woods has an intricate network of paths. I'm going to have to draw a proper map, and put this latest path route on it.

4. The New Shrubbery

The Shrubbery has been in existence for some months now, and finally gets its own page in the Garden Tour section.

5. Autumn Apologies

Some gardeners can get a little bit too cheeky with the seasons...


6. Plant of the Month : Crown Princess Margareta Rose

This brilliantly fragrant rose is one of the replacement climbers in the Hazelnut Orchard rose avenue. I've found the perfect use for it, too...

7. Animal of the Month : B-Puss, Reincarnated?

B-Puss (who is quietly composting underneath his memorial Dogwood tree) turned up in a bogus blog, apparently living in London, with some ridiculous name like Fluffybum. Hmm... I think I eventually saw the funny side...

8. Garden Quote : Choosy Shrubs and Pink Lavatories - Website Spelling Blitz continues...

No, this gardener hasn't lost her good taste - merely tried to use her spellchecker. Read about more progress on my web-site spelling blitz.

9. Garden Gallery : Blue Lupin

Enjoy this fine example of the Moosey Son-in-Law's flower photography. He's a professional!

10. Forum Focus : Friends' Journals

Relax, enjoy, and follow the progress of these hard-working gardeners, none of whom grump nearly as much as the website hostess!

11. Gardening Advice : Taking spam personally.

And the advice? Don't. EVER!!

12. Searching for Moosey : exotic gunnera

exotic gunnera
The adjective 'exotic' suggests a flamboyant personality, with bright colours - and feathers? My Gunnera is much more sneaky. This giant perennial self-seeds, dies off gracefully in winter, and then grows twice as big the following summer. Even the non-mathematician can see where this is heading....

13. Coming up this month : My holiday to Washington DC

I will miss my cats and, of course, the dog. And then it's back to the zoom and gloom of being a Moosey winter gardener. I promise not to get grumpy!