Moosey News : October 2010

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What a brilliant season spring is, once it gets itself properly organised! All sorts of lovely things are growing and flowering, and the freshly mown lawns are so beautifully green...

This month's features :

  1. Exochorda - A Spring Bride
  2. Garden Proverbs
  3. Flowers - White Delights
  4. Crab-Apple (Malus) Trees
  5. Pond Cottage Update

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : Yellow Banksia Rose
  2. Animals of the Month : Stu the Pet Merino Lamb
  3. Garden Quote : Stopping Garden Panic
  4. Garden Gallery : Wisteria, 2010 style
  5. Forum Focus : What's In Your Vase?
  6. Gardening Advice : Balance
  7. Searching for Moosey : rhododendrons
  8. Coming up this month : Sitting, reading, noticing...

This month's features

1. Exochorda - A Spring Bride

I can see why this spring shrub is often called the beauty bush.

2. Garden Proverbs

Lots of folks enjoy pithy little pieces of gardening wisdom - like the 'gardening forever, housework whenever' badge I've pinned on my kitchen notice board, hmm...

3. Flowers - White Delights

I haven't created a white garden, but I've got enough beautiful white plants for at least a spring version.

4. Crab-Apple (Malus) Trees

Trees don't have a section in the Moosey website, but that's no excuse for not talking about them. Meet some of my favourite Crab-Apples.

5. Pond Cottage Update

My little cottage by the pond - is it nearly finished? Or is it nearly, nearly finished? Here's the latest update.


6. Plant of the Month : Yellow Banksia Rose

Every year this delightful country rose grows bigger and better, and reaches further up the plum tree. Hope the tree doesn't mind...

7. Animals of the Month : Stu the Pet Merino Lamb

Stu lamb (or lamb Stu?) is fast growing into the fattest (and nicest) merino lamb. He's not for human consumption, though...

8. Garden Quote : Stopping Garden Panic

I'm afraid I have two ideas about this - the optimistic one came upon me early one morning, the other later that day, hours in my messy garden.

9. Garden Gallery : Wisteria, 2010 style.

The wisteria on the house pergola has had its page in the Moosey Garden Tour section updated. See if you like the latest spring photographs.

10. Forum Focus : What's in your vase?

This topic really caught my eye. I'm always dragging bits of my garden - flowers, greenery, seed heads - into the house. Now I need to take photographs of the vases I create.

11. Gardening Advice : Balance

We all need balance, in many different ways.

12. Searching for Moosey : rhododendron

Scott's Saddle Hike and the Rhododendrons
My latest hiking day trip began and ended among rhododendrons.
Moosey rhododendrons
And every day, as I hike around my ever expanding garden, I pass by rhododendrons newly in flower. Enjoy!

13. Coming up this month : Sitting on the garden seats.

Reading, eating, and relaxing. Noticing the roses and irises. And with enough gentle gardening maintenance thrown in to enjoy all the above...