Moosey News : October 2012

Dear Subscriber,

My October month has rather been taken over by bricks. I'm afraid my journey to bricklaying competence tends to overshadow the beautiful spring things in the garden. But there'll be something for you to enjoy, even if you're not a brick fan...

This month's features :

  1. Adirondack Garden Seat
  2. Bricklaying for Beginners
  3. Leave it to Spring!
  4. River Pumps
  5. Gardening with Cats

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : Rhododendrons
  2. Animal of the Month : Percy the Cat
  3. Garden Quote : Try, Do, or Don't
  4. Garden Gallery : Blue Scabious
  5. Garden Thanks To : The Moosey Webmaster
  6. Gardening Advice : Sleeping in the Garden
  7. Searching for Moosey : spring bulbs
  8. Coming up this month : Summer...

This month's features

1. Adirondack Garden Seat

This is one of my solo garden seats, perfect for a quiet relaxing session in the morning sunshine with my dog.

2. Bricklaying for Beginners

Make that beginners with attitude, and lots of bravado. Anyway - old, used bricks have a naturally rustic look, and the herb spiral is only a feature in a vegetable garden...

3. Leave it to Spring!

A new resident garden photographer, and a new stylish way of packing more images onto one page... You'll enjoy my mini-galleries of spring photographs.

4. River Pumps

Using the power of flowing water to pump water - now that's my idea of something deeply sensible. The river pumps were shipped over the sea to Mooseys, all the way from Pennsylvania, USA.

5. Gardening with Cats

More antics and daftness with the resident Moosey cats. They really are so amusing.


6. Plants of the Month : Rhododendrons

To all my beautiful rhododendrons - thank you, thank you, thank you all. And special thanks for spreading out your flowering times so nicely.

7. Animal of the Month : Percy the Cat

Ginger Percy has a delightful new trick. He joins young Minimus (my cottage cat) in midnight jump-in-the-window competitions. The trouble is - they land on me, in bed, supposedly asleep.

8. Garden Quote : Try, Do, or Don't

Thanks to Yoda, Jedi Master Supreme, wisest of the wise little folk...

9. Garden Gallery : Blue Scabious

Here's a new image of one of the loveliest blue perennials I grow - and my bees agree! They seem to adore its blue flowers.

10. Garden Thanks To : The Moosey Webmaster

The webmaster has been uber-active recently - taking garden photographs, tidying up the website, adding new exciting features. He's even been helping clean the bricks for the new herb spiral. Thanks so much!

11. Gardening Advice : Sleeping in the Garden

The best way to shake off the heavy thoughts of yesterday - wake up in your garden!

12. Searching for Moosey : Spring bulbs

Spring bulbs
I've enjoyed my tulips much more this spring, having them safely flowering in pots. They are much more visible! And some of my lesser noticed bulbs have been gorgeous - like the yellow Dog's Tooth Violets.

12. Coming up this month : Summer

Summer time.... And the gardening is easy... Oh yes? Absolutely, and I intend to enjoy every sunny moment. Have lots of fun in your garden. And please share my summer with me, if our seasons are back-to-front!