Moosey News : September 2012

Dear Subscriber,

This newsletter features two months' worth of gardening both real and virtual. Spring is always a fast-moving season, and I've been super-busy trying to keep up, while doing website gardening in my spare time. What spare time? Enjoy!

This month's features :

  1. Evergreen Shrubbery
  2. Madame Caroline Testout Rose
  3. Multiple Clones of Me
  4. Hyacinths
  5. Brick Herb Spiral

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : Cercis Forest Pansy
  2. Animal of the Month : Little Mac and the MVP
  3. Garden Quote : Decisions
  4. Garden Gallery : Euphorbia myrsinites
  5. Garden Thanks To : Blue Leaf Plants
  6. Gardening Advice : Concerning daffodils...
  7. Searching for Moosey : garden gnomes
  8. Coming up this month : Even more improvements...

This month's features

1. Evergreen Shrubbery

Some of my favourite shrubs are green and stay green, without noticeable flowering. It's good to be green!

2. Madame Caroline Testout Rose

Enjoy this beautiful pink rose. But she does come with a slight health warning - in my garden, at least.

3. Multiple Clones of Me!

Multiple gardening clones of me, all busily engaged in the spring garden - now wouldn't that be wonderful?

4. Hyacinths

I've so enjoyed my spring pots of colourful, fragrant Hyacinths.

5. Brick Herb Spiral

It's my latest garden project, and I'm very, very excited. I'm creating my own version of a spiral seen in a local community garden.


6. Plants of the Month : Cercis Forest Pansy

The plant of the Month is allowed to be a tree! Here's the small ornamental Cercis 'Forest Pansy', whose spring blossom I'm so looking forward to.

7. Animal of the Month : Little Mac in the MVP

The Most Valuable Pet Competition now has a monthly tally and groovy graphs! I'm spreading my votes between Minimus my cottage cat and Little Mac, the youngest. Who are you voting for?

8. Garden Quote : Decisions

The best approach to decisions that a gardener can make...

9. Garden Gallery : Euphorbia myrsinites

This humble little treasure is so beautiful and fresh looking in spring. Hope you like it.

10. Garden Thanks To : Blue Leaf Plants

The wonderful gardener-owner at Blue Leaf Plants has been busy putting me right and helping out regarding my succulents. Thanks so much!

11. Gardening Advice : Concerning daffodils...

Not one of my brightest moments, but I've learnt my lesson about daffodils...

12. Searching for Moosey : gnomes

My webmaster decided I was writing far too many articles about garden gnomes. So what did he do? He put the gnomes on the website's cover, with their very own gnome directory page. Aargh! What about my credibility as a serious intelligent gardener?

12. Coming up this month : Even more improvements!

The website make-over continues, in a race with the improvements I'm making in the real garden. Hope you are enjoying the results of both! Oh, sorry about those gnomes... Happy gardening.