Too Windy to Garden?

 Thanks to the wind.
Floppy Cosmos

Too windy to garden? It shouldn't be - my garden has all the approved shelter trees, designed to deflect the nor-west, the nor-easterly, even the cold southerly. All those nasty little wind arrows can curl up and over things without bearing down upon me.

Windy Side-Effects

And generally they do. But the wind has unpleasant side-effects. A day of big summer not-west winds and my garden (normally so well-manicured?) is cluttered with fallen gum tree bark and leaves. The wind is aggressive and pushy - even the tough Lychnis and Nicotiana sylvestris plants on the border edges will fall flat on their faces into the lawn. And we won't mention the dahlias or the cosmos...

Agressive Gardeners Would Love This Wind...

Gardeners who are aggressive and pushy would love this wind. They could zoom at great pace with the flow, being decisive, strong, and noisy.

Gum Bark

But Not Gentle Ditherers...

I accept it without too much fuss, but I wouldn't tick too many wind boxes. I'm a bit of a gentle ditherer and potterer, who loves thinking about everything and nothing while gardening. One cannot search calmly for the meaning of life while being blown to bits by a noisy blustering wind. My garden is well-sheltered but lots of things (thanks to the gum and wattle trees) drop down from on high. Some even require dodging.

The wind is behaving like a bored monster, roaring around the trees making big noises, flipping things this way and that. But I'm not scared. I'm tough. I'm wearing my inner hard-hat. Anyway, I know where to run if I hear any terminal creaks and squeaks from the big tree branches.

Too windy to garden? Too noisy, perhaps...