Birthday Rose Garden

The Birthday Rose Garden, dug in March 2005 as a birthday present for the Daughter of Moosey, is definitely the gift that goes on giving! Now, one year on, it's the Moosey Daughter's birthday - again. My goodness, how the years flash by!

 The flax in the corner is Yellow Wave.
The Birthday Rose Garden - One Year On

This means that the Birthday Rose Garden is one year old. Ha! - this seems to be the perfect excuse to buy another special birthday rose bush, which I can sentimentally and ceremonially plant on March 26th, which is The Big Day.

 OK -  I used the same one last year!
Birthday Card - Recycled

The Money or the Rose?

I'm certain that no relative of mine would 'rather have the money, thanks' when there's a prospect of yet more rosy garden growth! And the Birthday Rose Garden is a triumph of growth, started last year in a digging frenzy, followed by a spending frenzy at an Easter rose sale. Then three standard Olive trees were purchased for height, and a little sage green Hebe for a colour echo.

Another Colour Echo

A lone Pittosporum arrived to provide a leafy winter look, and yet another colour echo! And the Yellow Wave flax in the garden's corner was duly shifted in, to provide the perfect shining example of clean and green.

 I love the look of roses near the water.
Unknown Rose and Pittosporum

Every random gardener needs a dumping ground for daylilies, rescued from sulking in the shade. Peonies struggling for sunlight are far too precious to re-plant any-old-where! And the good Bishop Llandaff - the red dahlia with style and class - requires a serene place where his vibrant flowers and designer foliage can be seen and admired.

 A David Austin pastel beauty.
Emanuel Rose

Red Roses

The original roses in the Birthday Rose Garden are a great success. Their character varies from Kronenbourg, big and blousy, to the delicate pastel satin and old lace David Austins. I've tried to include lots of strong reds, including a couple of Fisherman's Friends, and The Prince.

Lurking by the water's edge is a relocated Scarlet Horror, given away by a much-scratched work friend. This beasty rose is more commonly known as the Red Flower carpet rose, and I've carefully placed it well away from the grass path, so timid visitors can safely float past.

The Birthday Rose 2006

Now it's time to get the birthday present for 2006. Properly sentimental mothers would be out searching the catalogues for a rose with an appropriate name. I'm hunting through the gardening section of the newspaper - when is that Easter sale starting?

In the meantime, if anyone knows a Southern Hemisphere rose breeder who has recently named a rose (preferably red, and robust) Daughter of Moosey, or similar, please let me know!

 For now, the path stays - as long as it gets mown properly!
The Grass Path

Footnote - Happy Birthday!