Gnome in the Pond!

 Chaps! One of you is in some difficulty!
Bob the Floating Gnome

Calm, sleepy mornings by the pond should quicken up slowly, if you know what I mean. But sometimes the morning has a tempo of its own. And ponds surrounded by garden gnomes sometimes have their own unique 'wake-up call'.

I sipped my cup of tea and gazed over the shimmering water of the pond. Aargh! A floating gnome! Bob, a larger gnome, though obviously light-weight, was 'bobbing' around the water in the slowest of circles, face up. The chaps over by the pond path were completely oblivious that one of theirs was in strife. Gnomes are hopeless. When in doubt, just keep on fishing/reading/mowing the lawns.

It was rather unkind to laugh and grab the camera, before contemplating gnome-rescue, but that's what I did. Thoughts - if I made waves, would Bob sink? Could Rusty be encouraged to leap in and carry Bob to safety in his dog-jaws? How cold was that water for Head Gardener immersion? Brr.... Would Bob be alarmed if I poked at him mid-pond with the bow-saw on a bright red extension pole?

 Aha! Out you come!
Bob Gnome Floats Near the Pond Edge

I decided to have another cup of tea, first, and wake up properly. And then - I shudder to admit this - Bob sort of floated out of my mind. Oops. I wandered off to plant some Agapanthus. I drove down the road to pick up horse manure and check out the nursery for Pittosporums. I carted pine tree mess to the bonfire and burnt it. Whoosh!

 Bob looking none the worse for wear.
Lucky Gnome!

What Gnome Rescue?

And then, apres-gardening, having the longest, most wonderfully watery shower - aargh! My gnome rescue! What gnome rescue? I'd totally forgotten to fish Bob the gnome out of the water.

A scary moment - the middle of the pond was gnomeless. But then I saw Bob right near the edge. I carefully poked a stick into him (ouch) and slowly levered him out. Phew!

Now Bob the gnome is back on terra firma, sheltering underneath a fern well back from the water's edge. I did a quiet circuit of the pond path just before bed, to check that all was well. Those silly gnomes were still busy fishing/reading/mowing the lawns. Not even a nod of the head or a muffled hello.

I winked at Bob, but he ignored me. That's gratitude for you!