Yippee for Yellow

Different months make different colour statements in my garden - early spring is lemon and blue, like a country cafe. Later in spring everything warms up and turns pink. By December, mid-summer, the garden has a golden yellow sun-tan.

 With lovely yellow daisy flowers.
Yellow Senecio Shrub

Mid-summer finds many roses in-between flowering flushes, and they've been dead-headed back to plain leafy green (we won't mention those little black spots). So the humble, yellow-flowering shrubs like Hypericum and Senecio pop up in every garden view and grab the eye.

 A beautiful summer addition to a flax bush.
Yellow Flax Flower

My New Zealand Yellow Wave flaxes growing in nearly all the borders are appropriately named - their spiky golden leaves shine in the summer sun. Many of the seed pods on the flax flowers are golden-green, too.

 A great vertical accent plant.
Yellow Verbascum


Yellow foliage plants and trees are everywhere - I can see Golden Elms, variegated Corokias, and Carexes. Many of my hostas have gold in their colour markings. I've even got a few wiggly custard-coloured conifers.


Yellow perennials are also making their flowery marks - self-seeding Oenotheras and weedy Verbascums line the edges of the water race. These are gate-crasher plants, but they brighten up the mid-summer garden party. I've let just a few colonise the water-side gardens - oops...

Many of my favourite daylilies are yellow, though they're still not floriferous enough. Put it this way - my daylilies do not benefit from close inspection wearing my spectacles!

Stella D'oro is now in her fourth (or fifth?) garden position and still she hasn't quite come to grips with the blooming business. One or two flowers - it really isn't good enough!

 Absolutely beautiful.
Yellow Rose Graham Thomas

In the house gardens a beautiful yellow rose chooses mid-summer for its flowering season - the beautiful David Austin rose called Graham Thomas. Lemon calendulas fill the planter boxes by the house decking and yellow Anthemis daisies sprawl over the Shrubbery's stone wall. A nearby clump of 'yellow hot pokers' (Kniphofia) is surrounded by creamy yellow pyrethrum daisies.

 A silver Cinneraria with attendant bee.
Yellow Flowers

All these yellow things, symbolising summer sunshine and golden wealth, flowering in the Moosey Christmas Garden - it's enough to make a gardener burst into song...

I'mmmm dreammming... of a yellow....Christmas...