Roses Anonymous

A rose-loving gardener can never have too many roses. They can, however, if they're not meticulously careful, end up with far too many roses that are anonymous. There are many reasons for this sorry state...

Rescuing roses is very noble. Planting them quickly and thoughtlessly in the wrong place is not so good. Shifting them three times in two seasons can be unfortunate, but is always inspired by the very best motives.

 Happy birthday to the Daughter of Moosey!
Unknown Rose in the Birthday Rose Garden

Little wonder in all this upheaval that a rose which originally struggled its way with a label into the Moosey Garden becomes quickly nameless. Oh dear. What are all these beautiful anonymous roses called?

Excuses, Excuses...

Sometimes I do have a small excuse. For example, a friend has donated an unwanted rose, they've told me its name and I've nodded wisely. I'm proud of my good memory, my attention to detail - and my love of descriptive names. But (oops) I haven't actually listened properly, and I haven't written anything down at the time. Foolish gardener!

 Crepuscule is on the near pergola - but what
Climbers and Ramblers

Roses sometimes arrive at the Moosey Garden with incorrect labels. Take the infamous Wood-Shed Rambler, an apple-blossom pink rambling rose with alarming intentions. It came here with the label 'Cornelia' - honestly, it did! Cornelia doesn't ramble, or even scramble - she's a most refined rose. Actually, I now suspect it is Paul Transon. But do I trust Google Images?

Three Lavender Lassies

A donated rose which may or may not be Lavender Lassie started Moosey life on the rose pergola, and now leans on the Stables wall. Another quite different possible Lavender Lassie lives on a rickety rose arch opposite Buff Beauty. A third (different again) climbs high over an apple tree. Why didn't I listen properly when being told their names?

Would the Real Lavender Lassie Please Stand Up...

Grabbing sale-price David Austin roses is a great idea. But then to confidently remove (and consequently lose) the labels? This rose breeder often names his roses in themed groups.So was that new rose named after Evelyn, or Claire, or some other girl? The Prince or The Squire or some other important bloke? Hmm...

Too Many Unknown David Austin Rose Photographs

As a result, the Moosey Web-Garden is littered with squillions of pastel photographs entitled 'Unknown David Austin Rose'. And there's little I can do about it, except guess...

 All look like David Austins.
Three Anonymous Beauties

As an obsessive journal-writer I do make excited lists of new rose purchases. In October 2006's Garden Journal I reported the following:

'the purchase of seven new roses - three rugosas (Pink Grootendorst, Roseraie de l'Hay. and Souvenir de Philemon Cochet), Nancy Steen and Michelangelo, and the David Austins Tamora and Charlotte. They are all planted in the newly weeded and composted Hen-House Garden.'

Only two years later and I can't actually find any of the above in the Hen House Garden. They've have obviously been moved on - but where to? No wonder I have too many anonymous roses in my garden!