Erigeron - Mexican Daisy

Mexican daisies (Erigeron) self-seed around the patio steps. These beautiful little plants are actually considered undesirable in New Zealand, and aren't allowed to be propagated or sold in nurseries. No-one told them about seeding!

 A very pretty, easy to grow perennial.
Mexican Daisy

They are perfect for filling up crevices in stone walls, and are always finding places to grow between my patio pavers. This is why I like them - other gardeners may not be so generous!

 Tiny white flowers tinged with pink.
Erigeron - Mexican Daisies

The Moosey cats spent much of the summer lounging around on the patio. And so the cute little pinky-white flowers make the perfect backdrop for many of my cat photographs. Here's a favourite picture of Fluff-Fluff in the Mexican Daisies.

 Isn't he beautiful!
Fluff-Fluff Cat by the Mexican Daisies

And here's ginger Percy, looking extremely ornamental.

 One of my big beautiful ginger cats.
Percy Cat by the Mexican Daisies

Cats and daisies are such a pretty pairing. Not to be outdone, here's Tiger the tortoiseshell, relaxing after a hard day's work doing what senior cats do - finding some sunshine to warm up her rather expansive tummy!

 Enjoying the warm sun.
Tiger Cat by the Mexican Daisies